Here are some examples of my best work. I’m currently in the process of writing these case studies and hope to have them finished soon.

Due to NDA’s I cannot publicise certain details, including images, in the following examples although these can be made available on request.


Bristol Costume Services

Branding refresh and website redesign and build for a local business providing costume services to the film, TV and theatre industries.


UK Charity

UK-wide, cross-service research including extensive journey mapping and persona creation. Coming soon.


Broadband and Mobile Provider

Designing the global, ‘end to end’ components and a series of key moments to support and facilitate the core business objectives. Coming soon.


Broadband and Mobile Provider

Cross-channel journey maps to support the development of a multi-channel service and illustrate the key moments along the customer lifecycle where multiple channels can support the experience. Coming soon.


Lifetime Training

Research and redesign of sections of the Lifetime Training ( website. Coming soon.


User Experience Design Methods within an Applied Industrial Context

Although not a piece of client work, I’ve included a short piece about my UX dissertation. It was a truly monstrous piece of work that taught me a hell of a lot… and despite having two years of industry experience under my belt, I’m not ready to forget about it just yet.